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SODASAN upholds these standards:

Greenpeace Prima Klima
Vegan ECO Garantie

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The SODASAN story began more than 25 years ago when Kerstin Stromberg and Jürgen Hack decided to come up with an alternative to traditional cleaning products.

In the beginning they had a vision - the development of cleaning agents made from natural raw materials that do not pollute the environment either during their manufacture or after their use.

Today, SODASAN provides alternative products for the growing number of critical consumers who wanted to act responsibly in their own households. SODASAN products preserve our resources and our waters; they are easy to use; and their cleaning performance is excellent.

Ecologically Sound
SODASAN uses organically grown vegetable raw materials and comply with the strict organic certification standards set down by the European Union (control no.DE-0197-W). Products also bear the Ecogarantie label, which attests to their compliance with international ecological standards. All products that come into contact with the skin have been dermatologically tested. SODASAN does not use enzymes, chlorine-based ingredients or synthetic perfumes.

Committed to a sustainable and responsible method of production, 100% of SODASAN power is received from Greenpeace Energy , and SODASAN contributes to the reduction of CO ² by funding reforestation projects worldwide.

Certified by Ecogarantie www.ecogarantie.com

Clean electricity from Greenpeace Energy www.greenpeace-energy.de

Prima Klima
Active protection of the climate through carbon-neutral production


SODASAN Principles
We believe Organic products should be 100% natural. We will continue to strive for 100% natural in all our products and investigate all ingredients incorporating the latest technologies to create the best products for your greatest well-being.
We believe companies should be transparent. We think natural personal care products manufacturers have the responsibility to fully disclose their ingredients and any associated risks so that consumers can make the most informed decisions about the products they use. We list the ingredients on every product label and avoid ingredients with potential risks. What's more, we strive to educate consumers-and the industry-about those potential risks.
We believe all packaging should hold to the highest standard possible of environmental sensitivity. We use packaging with the highest levels of Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials. Our packaging is designed to be recyclable and have the lowest impact to the environment possible.
We believe an animal should never be tested on to create a personal care product. Plain and simple, we do not test on animals.
86% of people agree that there should be a label or symbol to certify what is a "natural" personal care product. We agree, too, and our products identifies what is and isn't organic! We promise to stick to this standard, maintaining the highest ideals and never taking the easy way out. We are working with the industry to develop a universally recognized and regulated chemical-free standards and corresponding seal. We will never compromise what is best for your experience and well-being, and will always be true to what we define as natural.

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Get your clothes really clean... With organic SODASAN detergents, your shirts stay white and won't smell like synthetic perfumes.
Household Cleaning

Keep a clean house and a clean conscience. These certified Organic household cleaners contain no petroleum-based ingredients.