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SODASAN upholds these standards:

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Organic Household Cleaners
"I have a much clearer conscience when I use SODASAN Toilet Bowl Cleaner. SODASAN Toilet Bowl Cleaner with natural citric acid is a powerful cleaner that doesn't contain petroleum-based ingredients."
Organic Cleaners

All Purpose Cleaner: Perfume-Free

1000 ml. : # 3506
Price: $6.95

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Vinegar Cleaner: All purpose cleaner.

5 liter / 1.38 Gallon: # 110
Price: $24.75

Organic Bathroom Cleaners

Toilet Bowl Cleaner : Removes tough stains, for hygienic freshness. Ingredients: Fatty alcohol sulfates, sugar based cleansing agents (APGs), citric acid, essential oils, water.

26 oz. : # 2060
Price: $5.75

Organic Glass Cleaner

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Window Glass Cleaner (Refill Bulk): For the quick and easy cleaning of all glass surfaces, including car and boat windows, mirrors and tiles. No harsh chemicals.

2.1 Qt / 2 Liter : # 1905
Price: $15.63

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Micro-fiber Ultra Absorbing Cloths : Micro-fiber is a revolutionary fabric which is 100 times finer than human hair, containing 90000 micro-fibers per square inch, captures dist, dirt and grime without the use of any chemicals. Surface becomes instantly clean, dry and shined.

3 pack assorted colors.
Art # 84314
Price: $7.95

25 pack assorted colors.
Art # 984314
Price: $24.00


Get your clothes really clean... With organic SODASAN detergents, your shirts stay white and won't smell like synthetic perfumes.
Household Cleaning

Keep a clean house and a clean conscience. These certified Organic household cleaners contain no petroleum-based ingredients.