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SODASAN Product Ingredients

Note: Not all products listed here are currently available in the USA.

Download a complete list of SODASAN certified organic product ingredients (Adobe Acrobat file.)

Even natural and organic ingredients may appear to be complicated to understand and for someone that is not a biologist, you have to rely on the organic certification of the cleaning products to be sure you are using products that are as chemical free as possible.

We all know that synthetic products have been disguised in cleaning products in the USA for a long time and with no or very little federal and state regulations. Companies get away with using many products that may not be completely safe. A certified organic cleaning product is as close as you can get to products that do not harm you or the environment.

SODASAN was the first manufacturer to receive an organic certification in the world and is a leader in environmentally safe cleaning products. SODASAN uses only organically grown vegetable oils. No ingredients from the chlorine industry. No genetically engineered products and no direct or indirect animal testing. It is as pure as possible. Download a complete list of SODASAN organic product ingredients (Adobe Acrobat file.) Find more info at www.sodasan.com.



Get your clothes really clean... With organic SODASAN detergents, your shirts stay white and won't smell like synthetic perfumes.
Household Cleaning

Keep a clean house and a clean conscience. These certified Organic household cleaners contain no petroleum-based ingredients.